ILM Leadership & Management Qualifications in Dubai


Most business fail or succeed based on the quality of their leadership and management teams. Giving yourself a solid grounding in the skills and knowledge required to be a good leader is important.

At Oakwood International, we have a long track record of helping deliver ILM accredited leadership and management courses that have made a real difference to businesses and individuals in Dubai. 

Dubai has long been an important business hub for the Middle East and attracting high performing staff who deliver the best in leadership and management roles is a big priority. 

Businesses that want to develop staff internally or individuals seeking to improve their CVs for management roles have the best of starts when it comes to ILM courses. 

The Benefits of ILM Courses in Dubai
Incorporating continuing professional development into your daily routine is important for anyone who is career-minded. If your next step is to start applying for leadership roles, you’ll want to show employers that you have the necessary qualifications. 
ILM accredited courses in coaching and mentoring as well as leadership and management provide a number of benefits:
  • You’ll learn the core skills you need to be a great manager or leader and be able to apply these in the real world. 
  • You’ll work with Oakwood International’s experienced consultants to find the learning opportunities that lead to success. 
  • You’ll become a change-maker and innovator in your workplace with cutting edge ILM courses. 
Choosing Oakwood International for Your ILM Course
Working with a strong, capable partner is vital in any form of education. Our professional teams of consultants and educators have many years providing quality courses for businesses and individuals in Dubai. 

We’re a passionate outfit that believes strongly in bringing the best out of our students while being responsive to their needs. We understand that the leaders and managers of the future will determine the success of business regions like Dubai. 

We’ll help you take a deeper look at your career goals and ensure you are able to learn the skills you need to progress and apply these within a real-world contact. 
If you’d like to find out about ILM courses that run throughout the year in Dubai, contact our friendly team today to find out more.