ILM Leadership & Management Qualifications in Abu Dhabi


If you are planning a future in leadership and management, Oakwood International provide regular ILM accredited courses throughout the year in Abu Dhabi.

Getting the appropriate training for you next career move is important, whether you are hoping to get promoted in-house or want your CV to appeal on future job applications. The Institute of Leadership and Management is a world-renown organisation and their accredited qualifications are highly sought after. 

If you live and work in Abu Dhabi, you’ll be aware that there are plenty of opportunities for leadership and management roles. It’s a thriving business community with a lot to offer the region. 

The Benefits of ILM in Abu Dhabi
Professional development is no longer a static thing. If you want to progress up the career ladder and test yourself in leadership situations, you need to show that you have the right qualifications. 

  • ILM courses give you the chance to learn valuable leadership skills and apply them in the workplace. 
  • The learning you gain here can be used in a variety of business sectors and is widely transferrable. 
  • You can choose to learn about leadership, coaching, mentorship and management bringing new skills to the table that make a difference. 
  • Businesses that plan to develop and promote their own staff from within will also benefit from ILM courses in Abu Dhabi. 
Choosing Oakwood International in Abu Dhabi
Oakwood International have been operating in Abu Dhabi and the MENA region for the last 20 years, supplying high-quality training courses for businesses and individuals. 

Key to our success during that time is focusing on quality qualifications. ILM courses are widely recognised not only in Abu Dhabi but across the globe. If you want to demonstrate that your leaders and managers have what it takes, an ILM accredited qualification is seen as the gold standard. 

We have a team of professional consultants on hand to help develop your skills and knowledge for leadership and management roles and we run courses throughout the year in Abu Dhabi. 

If you would like to find out more about ILM courses in Abu Dhabi, contact the professional team at Oakwood International today.