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CMI Management and Leadership Qualifications, Courses and Training in Abu Dhabi


Find the right Chartered Management Institute (CMI) courses for your business with Oakwood International.

If you are an Abu Dhabi business or an individual looking to progress their career to leadership or management level, it’s important to partner with the right training organisation. Oakwood International provide a range of CMI approved courses throughout the year in Abu Dhabi and have a track record of delivering meaningful work-related skills training. 

Abu Dhabi is home to a host of exciting businesses across a range of sectors from manufacturing to technology. More and more businesses are focusing on improving their in-house training, especially when it comes to developing staff to leadership and management roles. 

Benefits of CMI Courses for Abu Dhabi Businesses 
Qualifications that are widely accepted and provide the framework for leadership and management development have become increasingly important for businesses of all types. 

At Oakwood International, we work closely with our clients to ensure their needs are being met. We understand that appropriate and meaningful courses can make a huge difference to the future of businesses in Abu Dhabi. 

  • Our CMI approved courses cover the core skills needed for today’s high-quality leaders and managers. 
  • The skills that are developed are designed to be used and applied to the workplace from day one. 
  • Our experienced team of training consultants understand local Abu Dhabi businesses and what they are looking for. 
We provide a clear and efficient pathway that meets the needs of future changemakers, managers and leaders in your company. 

Why Choose Oakwood International?
Oakwood International has been at the forefront of approved training and education over the last 20 years. We’ve developed a great reputation in places like Abu Dhabi and across the whole of the Middle East region. 

Key to our success is being able to tailor our approach to individual needs. Our HR consultancy and training service means that you can quickly develop the right skills training approach that works for your business. 

If you are searching for CMI courses, as a business or individual, working with Oakwood International delivers all that you need. Contact our experienced team today to find out more.