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Mentoring - Guiding and Nurturing Talent


Mentoring is one of the rising stars in the field of L&D. Done properly, Mentoring is a powerful approach to managing talented individuals, building strong careers and developing a pool of talent linked to succession planning and organisational sustainability.

About this course

But Mentoring is shrouded with misunderstanding and is often carried out incorrectly, which can at best be a pointless waste of time, at worst, disastrous!
This two-day programme will immerse learners in the latest thinking and approaches in Mentoring, covering theory and practice, with emphasis on practical application.

In overview, you will learn:

  • What Mentoring is and how it differs from Coaching, although involving coaching approaches and techniques
  • The business case for introducing formal Mentoring in your organisation – how to gain ‘buy-in’
  • How to manage a mentoring relationship with a person being mentored, including the essentials for ensuring success – the mentoring contract
  • Mentoring techniques and approaches – how to manage the mentoring conversation
  • How to ensure the mentor/subordinate programme of conversations achieves the required outcomes linked to individual and organisational need

The Skill of Mentoring - Course Outline

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