CMI Management and Leadership Qualifications, Courses and Training in Oman


Oakwood International is a HR consultancy and training provider delivering quality Chartered Management Institute (CMI) approved courses for businesses and individuals across Oman.

Our extensive experience at finding the right training solutions for our clients means we have strong reputation across the region for quality and delivery. We are at home delivering on complex training needs for large corporations as we are helping individuals achieve their career aims. 

Oman is an important hub in the Middle East with many business sectors that have a global approach, including within the tech industry. Our CMI courses are designed to provide businesses in Oman with the critical training and development that is required at management and leadership level. 

The Benefits of CMI Approved Courses for Oman Businesses
If you are a business that is looking to compete on the global stage, effective training of staff is important. CMI courses are designed to provide the educational and skills development framework that allows future managers and leaders to grow and thrive. 

Oakwood International works closely with many businesses in Oman, helping them to put together the appropriate training opportunities for their staff. 
  • We are focused on core and higher skill development that acts to underpin the performance of successful managers and leaders. 
  • Our courses are grounded in the real world which means students are able to apply the skills they learn to their work environment. 
  • Our CMI course delivery is intended to give participants a clear and relevant pathway that leads to leadership and management roles within their organisation. 
Training and education is available to businesses of all sizes, both large and small, as well as individual students who want to add to their CV and achieve management and leadership roles. 

Select Oakwood International For Your CMI Training
Oakwood understands the Oman region and what people who want to develop professionally are looking for. Our experienced and passionate team will work closely with you to ensure that we deliver a training programme that meets your needs. 

Our courses are held throughout the year in Oman and we can tailor training pathways to ensure that individual students develop the skills and knowledge appropriate to their workplace. 

If you want to see how CMI approved courses in Oman can really transform leadership and management skills, contact the friendly team at Oakwood International today.