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CIPD HR Qualifications, Training And Development in Oman


Boost your HR career prospects with our UK-accredited CIPD courses aimed at individuals and businesses in Oman.

We provide a range of quality CIPD courses for businesses and individuals across Oman and the surrounding region. If you want to obtain a HR qualification that really matters to employers, these accredited courses are the perfect choice. The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development or CIPD is the internationally recognised UK body for HR qualifications. 

They give you the chance to increase your earning potential and learn all about HR best practice in the modern, global business environment. Whether you're an individual or you’re a business looking to train its staff, we can provided the tailored solutions that make a difference to your future growth. 

The Benefits of Accredited CIPD in Oman
The great news is that CIPD qualifications are highly valued by employers across Oman because they give people the skills and knowledge they need to help develop and grow any business. 

  • Build your knowledge and understand of the latest theories in HR. 
  • Our CIP courses give you insight into HR best practice and help you create and manage the workforces of the future. 
  • Having an internationally recognised CIPD qualification opens more possibilities and earning potential.
Improving HR practices not only benefits your business at home in Oman but abroad when dealing with other companies on the global stage. The MENA region, including Oman, is becoming a vital international hub with many new businesses with global ambitions developing each year. 

Effective HR management and access to individuals who have the appropriate CIPD qualifications is absolutely vital for competing on the modern stage. 

Why Choose Oakwood for CIPD Qualifications?
Oakwood is based in Dubai and understands the needs of Oman businesses and people. We offer CIPD qualifications at foundation, intermediate and advanced levels, including postgraduate. 

Our courses are held throughout the year in Oman as well as across other countries in the MENA region and in Europe. Since launching in 2001, we’ve delivered thousands of quality accredited courses that have helped businesses and students take their operations to the next level. 

Whether you’re a business or individual, make sure that you have the CIPD qualification that stands out from the crowd. Contact the team at Oakwood International today and take your career to the next level.