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CMI Management and Leadership Qualifications, Courses and Training in Riyadh


Understanding the training and development needs of your Saudi Riyadh business can be challenging. Oakwood International provide a range of CMI approved courses that can help your workforce take the next step to leadership and management roles.

Saudi Riyadh is Saudi Arabia’s financial hub and the location of many exciting businesses. Ensuring that your staff have all the skills they need is vital in helping grow your company and move it forward in a competitive global marketplace. 

Our CMI courses are designed to meet these and your future needs. At Oakwood International, we have over a decade of delivering HR consultancy and training services to local Saudi Riyadh business and individuals who are seeking a way to improve their career chances. 

The Importance of CMI Approved Course For Your Saudi Riyadh Business
Developing staff internally is a profitable and productive way to ensure strong growth and employee loyalty for your business. The leaders and changemakers of the future will benefit from clearly formulated training through CMI approved courses that can be applied easily to the workplace environment. 

Oakwood International work directly with your businesses to ensure that any training that is delivered actually meets your needs and delivers a strong return on investment. 

  • CMI courses provide the core skills that todays managers and leaders need to do their jobs effectively. 
  • Our experienced and highly qualified consultants have many years’ experience delivering for Saudi Riyadh businesses of all types. 
  • We present a clear and work-related pathway for students to learn and grow into leadership and management roles within your company. 
Our courses in Saudi Riyadh are not just available for corporations and other commercial enterprises, many of our students are self-funding and developing their own careers for the future. 

Working With Oakwood International 
It’s important to have a training partner with a good reputation. CMI approved courses are accepted across the world by the majority of business sectors. If you are looking to develop skills and knowledge that really can be applied to the workplace, Oakwood International offer flexibility and a range of accredited courses. 

We deliver our CMI courses throughout the year in Saudi Riyadh and the surrounding MENA region. Our expert team is on hand right now, ready to work with your business to develop the training and skills that will help move you and your staff towards a prosperous future. 
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