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ILM Leadership & Management Qualifications in Jeddah


To be a leader you need to learn how to lead. This is not something we’re born with but a characteristic that is developed over time through skill development and experience.

At Oakwood International, we get you off to the best start with our ILM leadership and management courses. Our courses are held throughout the year in Saudi Jeddah and are tailored for businesses that want to develop their workforces and individuals searching for leadership roles in the region. 

The Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) is one of the most respected institutions across the globe and has long taken an active role in helping develop the leaders of tomorrow.  

The Benefits of ILM in Saudi Jeddah
Whether you’re a business in Saudi Jeddah that wants in-house training or an independent student with a wish to become a great manager, skills development is absolutely vital. There are a number of major benefits in opting for ILM accredited courses:
  • You are associating yourself with the gold standard in leadership and management training. 
  • Our courses are designed to not only teach you the skills and knowledge you need but encourage you to apply what you’ve learned in the modern world and your own work environment. 
  • This is a qualification that is not only accredited by the ILM but is well-known across Saudi Jeddah, the MENA region and the entire world. 
Oakwood International in Saudi Jeddah
It’s also important to have the right partner when it comes to managing your future education. With 20 years delivering high-quality business and personal development education in Saudi Jeddah, Oakwood International has a strong reputation in the area. 

We have experienced consultants and educators who work with you to ensure that your learning needs are met. We’re a passionate team who understand that you want an ILM qualification that really makes a big difference to your career. 

You’ll learn how to get the best out of people, deliver important projects including change management and really understand how to bring everyone with you as a leader or manager. 

If you would like to find out how leadership and management courses accredited by ILM in Saudi Jeddah can support your career development, contact Oakwood International today.