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CMI Management and Leadership Qualifications, Courses and Training in Jeddah


Oakwood International is a HR and training and consultancy organisation that will help your Saudi Jeddah business achieve CMI approved leadership and management courses that really make a difference.

Many businesses nowadays are looking to develop their staff internally and are looking for quality but tailored skills training that has a significant impact. Saudi Jeddah is a thriving business hub that has a global reach and Oakwood International have worked with many companies over the last decade to deliver on their specific training needs. Our courses are also open to individual students who wish to add to their CV and improve their opportunities in the job’s market as changemakers and managers.

The Importance of CMI Approved Training in Saudi Jeddah
The value of good skills training, particularly when it comes to leadership and management roles cannot be underestimated. In today’s competitive and global marketplace, developing staff internally has led to major benefits for many Saudi Jeddah companies:
  • It improves staff loyalty and helps develop the leaders and changemakers who will be involved in the growth of your business. 
  • It means that your CMI approved course can be better tailored and the skills learned applied to the real-world workplace. 
  • Our experienced HR consultants and educators will be able to work with your business and students to deliver a strong ROI for your training needs. 
CMI approved training is accepted as a gold standard around the world by many companies and gives businesses in Saudi Jeddah the opportunity to implement best practice while developing a strong and productive workforce. 

The Benefits of Working With Oakwood International
Standing out in a competitive world isn’t just about having a good product or service. Ensuring your staff are properly trained and are able to deliver is absolutely vital. Oakwood International have a long-standing track record in working with businesses in Saudi Jedda, bringing a wide range of experience and knowledge to the table. 

If you are searching for CMI approved training courses to deliver staff development in your business or you are an individual who wants to boost their leadership and management qualifications, contact the team at Oakwood International today.