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ILM Leadership & Management Qualifications in the Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia


Learn the leadership and management skills that make a difference to your business in Saudi Arabia. Oakwood International provide gold standard ILM accredited qualifications.

With 20 years of experience, we’re able to deliver courses that allow you to apply the latest theory to practice situations within the workplace. 

Our ILM courses will also benefit the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia businesses that are looking for proven ways to transform the management and leadership skills of their workforce. 

The Benefits of ILM in Saudi Arabia
Effective leadership is not just about a natural talent for getting the best out of people. Both leadership and management can be greatly improved by undertaking training and skills development in a variety of areas. 

Our ILM accredited courses will:
  • Give you the tools to become a better leader or manager whether you’re working for a small company or a large corporation. 
  • Give businesses the opportunity to raise standards across the board and promote the next leaders and managers from the existing workforce. 
  • Allow students to set the goals they need to achieve to be the great leaders and managers of the future. 
  • Apply what is learned in the classroom to the workplace with an ILM accredited qualification that is not only accepted in Saudi Arabia but around the world. 
Oakwood in Saudi Arabia
We’re an educational and consultancy organisation that has a great reputation in Saudi Arabia and the surrounding MENA region. Our aim is to help develop the leaders and managers of the future who will make a real difference to local businesses. 

We can work with companies in Saudi Arabia or individuals who want to improve their career prospects. ILM accredited courses are highly valued and give individuals the skills they need to influence performance and get the most out of employees. 

We have a team of professional consultants in Saudi Arabia who will be able to work closely with students to ensure they set and meet goals that transform their future careers. 

If you are interested in becoming a better leader or manager, our ILM courses in Saudi Arabia are the qualifications you need to aim for. 

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