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ILM Leadership & Management Qualifications, Courses + Training Dammam


If you want to discover ILM accredited opportunities in Saudi Dammam, Oakwood International run courses throughout the year. Our 20-year experience of delivering high-quality education could put you at the cutting edge of leadership and management within your organisation.

Saudi Dammam is a thriving hub of business development and opportunity, not just in the region but across the globe. Great leaders and managers all have one thing in common – they developed their skills and evolved over time. 

ILM courses in Saudi Dammam are designed to help forge the managers and leaders of the future. Backed by the Institute of Leadership and Management, they are considered the gold standard by many employers who are looking for high performing employees. 

The Benefits of Taking Accredited ILM Courses in Saudi Dammam
Finding top talent is becoming increasingly difficult for growing businesses. That’s why they will often develop and recruit from within. ILM courses give today’s modern businesses the opportunity to develop the leadership roles of the future. 
  • ILM courses don’t just give you teaching and learning to be leaders, it’s important to apply that skill and knowledge in real-world situations. 
  • At Oakwood International, you’ll work with our experienced consultants to make sure your ILM course fits your needs and develops your skills in the way that you want. 
  • Our ILM courses in Saudi Dammam run throughout the year and can be tailored to your individual needs. 
Why Choose Oakwood International for ILM?
There are many opportunities nowadays for continuing professional development. Oakwood International comes with a 20-year track record of delivering high-quality ILM education in Saudi Dammam and the surrounding MENA region. 

Our team of educators, consultants, tutors and support staff are passionate about what they do. We’re committed to delivering the high quality, gold standard ILM education that you are looking for and which will make such a difference to your future career. 

If you live or work in Saudi Dammam and would like to know how Oakwood International can help build your leadership and management ambitions, contact our friendly team today.