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HR, Marketing & Management Qualifications in Saudi Arabia

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You can now bring the best in human resource management training and consultancy to your business in Saudi Arabia with Oakwood International.

We’re very passionate about delivering expert HR, Marketing and Management training. Over the years, we’ve dealt with many individuals and businesses in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, lending our expertise where it counts most. Oakwood provides training for individuals in Saudi Arabia who want to improve their employment chances and take the next step up the career ladder. We also work with a range of different businesses, from small start-ups to large corporations, providing in-house training and consultancy.

Choosing the right CPD package can get complicated, and that's why Oakwood International are the partner who can take your training to the next level. At Oakwood International, we provide both training that is second to none. With 20 years of experience delivering HR, Marketing and Management training in Saudi Arabia and the rest of the MENA region, we are able to deliver tailored solutions for both businesses and individuals looking to achieve success in a rapidly changing world. We have an impressive resource of personal, business and marketing skills that makes a significant difference to our training programs compared to competitors. 

HR Qualifications for Saudi Arabia
Our CIPD qualifications are designed for the modern HR executive, providing tools to navigate the difficult areas of employment law and get the most out of staff and colleagues. We offer a range of CIPD training programs either in-house or via our facilities across Saudi Arabia, from Level 3 to Level 7. We work very closely with our clients to understand their needs and develop the HR training they need.

Powerful Marketing Qualifications 
Our accredited CIM qualifications are designed to provide deep marketing knowledge and skills that help people move to the next level of their careers. We will provide the educational support you or your business needs to keep you well-equipped for the challenges of modern marketing. 

Inspiring Leadership & Management Qualifications
Our ILM and CMI qualifications are the next level of training for management employees, teaching you to motivate and engage as well as lead effectively. Whether you are an established company or a new start-up, having access to Oakwood's vital staff development and training tools will give you a huge advantage over the competition. 
Why Use Oakwood International
Oakwood International work hard to tailor provision to suit your needs. We’re a passionate consultancy team that has a long and successful track record operating in Saudi Arabia and the MENA region. Our education and training facilities are second to none and can be tailored for specific needs. We are fully accredited and keep up to date with all professional standards. All our trainers are also accredited by Investors in People.

If you are searching for HR, Marketing and Management training in Saudi Arabia, whether for yourself or your business, contact our friendly and professional team today to find out more.