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ILM Leadership & Management Qualifications in Egypt


Oakwood International deliver high-quality ILM accredited courses across Egypt for businesses and individual students. Our coaching and mentoring and leadership and management diplomas and certificates provide the skills you need to build a career as a future leader.

Our students come from a wide range of business backgrounds. Some want to develop the necessary skills to enhance their career prospects in leadership roles. Others are already in management roles but want to improve their knowledge and apply it to real-world situations. 

The Institute of Leadership and Management is an organisation that is respected throughout the world and their accredited courses are often seen as the gold standard. If your next step is to become a leader that makes a difference, our professional consultants will work with you to explore your options and tailor that learning to your needs. 

Benefits of an ILM Qualification 
Egypt has a thriving and growing business economy that reaches across the world. Never has it been more important to have the leaders and managers in place who will take your business to the next level. 

An accredited ILM course delivers huge benefits:
  • It encourages students to learn and then apply their new skills to the real workplace. 
  • At Oakwood International, you get to set meaningful goals that have a future impact on your career and it’s development in leadership and management roles. 
  • Regular courses in Egypt throughout the year mean that you can tailor your learning to suit your needs. 
Why Oakwood International ILM in Egypt?
We have more than 20 years at the top of education in Egypt and across the region. Our consultants have worked with a wide range of individuals and businesses, tailoring skills and knowledge learning but also making sure it can be applied to the real world. 

Our students learn the leadership and management skills that are important in our modern, often global, work environment. ILM qualifications are all about creating the leaders and managers who are able to transform the businesses of the future, providing them with the tools they need to succeed. 

Whether it’s getting the most out of a workforce or implementing change management, it’s time to give your leadership career a firm foundation. 

If you want to discover what ILM courses we offer in Egypt, contact our professional team of consultants today to begin a conversation that will boost your career.