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Meeting the Challenge of Change - Change Management


Organisations exist in an increasingly Volatile – Uncertain – Complex – Ambiguous (VUCA) world. Recent research has shown that 90% of SME’s and above go through some form of large-scale change every 5 years.

About this course

The research showed, alarmingly, that 80% of these organisations failed to achieve their planned change objectives. Why? The reasons for failure are many and varied – but what it boils down to is lack of effective planning, and the inability to manage change effectively. Where organisational change is key to survival, failure in not an option.

This 3-day programme will provide learners with a unique, pragmatic approach to planning and managing change, which is based on extensive research into how forward-thinking organisations manage change effectively. Learners will be immersed in practical techniques of planning and managing change, focusing on the processes involved but emphasising also the importance of managing people through the change journey. 

In overview, you will learn how to:

  • Identify the specific ‘drivers’ of change as a basis for understanding and gaining buy-in to the necessity of moving forward
  • Identify the obstacles to change and plan how to overcome these
  • Identify the details to include in a change plan
  • Create a compelling vision of change
  • Build a powerful change team to manage change implementation
  • Implement change using a range of change models (some tried and tested, others new and radical)
  • Maintain the momentum of change progress, including managing people through the challenge of change
  • Demonstrate sound understanding covering the practical planning and implementation of change in a group activity based on a real-life example of a contemporary change challenge.

Change Management - Course Outline

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