Is your HR department responsive to your organisation's needs?

By Emily Carroll

Emily is Oakwood's Chief Business Analyst and works in our UK Office
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Rapid growth across organisations and changes in legislation requires the setting up of an HR function or improvements to existing HR structures, as well as policies and procedures. Businesses can no longer regard HR as a luxury. 

Oakwood International works with organisations worldwide in both the private and public sectors. If you don't have an HR function, we can help you take all the steps to set one up. We will help you understand the business need for HR and where HR fits. We will also inform you of the importance of good corporate governance.

Alternatively, if you already have an HR Function, we can:
  • Review what you have at the moment. 
  • Work with you to ensure your existing structure is what your organisation requires.
  • Provide strategic insights to further develop the HR function.
The bespoke nature of our consultancy means that you will only get the practical and professional solution that your unique situation requires. Oakwood's wide experience and perspective means that we will ensure that you do not miss out on best practice and innovative ideas from other organisations.

If you and your organisation need bespoke consultancy to meet strategic business needs, contact us now.


Setting up a Professional HR Department