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A CIPD Success Story – Ahmed

Find out how CIPD can hugely impact your career, like it did for Ahmed

By Emily Carroll

Emily is Oakwood's Chief Business Analyst and works in our UK Office
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About Ahmed

Ahmed came to us 10 years ago full of ambition and energy and the drive to succeed. He came to us as an HR Administrator and a fresh graduate, young and ready to take on the world of HR. He had no road map for this and wasn’t even sure how he could accomplish what he wanted or even which areas of HR he wanted to specialise in to move his career forward. All that he had was an inspired vision of success.

He joined us on a CIPD level 3 programme in Dubai and immediately shone out as a hard worker and a serious student. He came early and stayed late, eager to store away every scrap of information that he could, he contributed his experience to the group and listening to the shared experience of others who had been on the job longer than he had. He worked hard on his assignments and reworked them when we offered him feedback. He challenged us with questions and took on board the expertise we responded with. He gave 100% commitment to the course and in return got the maximum benefit from the Oakwood experience.

After the course he kept in touch with us, he impressed us with his passion for knowledge acquisition and his desire to keep up to date with the latest HR developments. He went the extra mile, determined to succeed in his chosen profession.

We were amazed and proud of him. We did everything we could to help him, support him, coach him, mentor him. From Starbucks coffees to boardroom presentations we were there behind him encouraging him not to give up even when he hit a brick wall on more than one occasion with his organisation or his line manager. We helped him find solutions, move forward and overcome obstacles. 

Today Ahmed is an HR Director for a global organisation based here in the UAE. He has the respect of his peers and the admiration of his followers. He is by all measures a success story. We are still very much in touch with Ahmed and now he sends his HR Administrators on our Level 3 programmes and his managers on our Level 5’s. 

We cannot claim full responsibility for his success - most of it was driven and owned by him. But we were there in the background ready to offer support and lend a hand because that’s who we are, that’s what we do, that’s our passion, to help shape HR in the UAE and the other 7 areas of the MENA region we operate in.

Who is Ahmed? Ahmed is not just one of our students, he represents much of the talent that we help mold, shape and equip with the skills and knowledge for success in the fields of HR and Learning and Development. He represents the best in our students. We work with over 1000 Ahmeds and Fatimas a year. Young people who are ambitious and willing to challenge the organisations that they work for. Young people who believe in contributing to and shaping the future of HR for the next generation of specialists or generalists. We do it not just because we love what we do, we do it because we believe in our Ahmeds and Fatimas and that their success breeds success for all of us

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